February 11

Intoxicated Australian Man Foils Gas Station Robbery!

Most little boys dream of being a super hero and stopping a crime when they are young. Well two men from Australia got the chance to stop robber from robbing a gas station. Not only did they succeeded in stopping these robbers they also got the entire moment recorded on one of the mans I Phone.

Two Australian man were walking towards a restaurant to get noodles when one mans flip flop broke. He happened to be intoxicated and started complaining about his flip flop, his sober friend thought this was hysterical and started to record his friend on his I Phone. They noticed the Gas Station beside them was being robbed. The sober friend recorded his shoe less drunk buddy as he ran over to the get away car stole the robbers keys and chased the robbers down the street.

The Australian News got to interview these two heroes and watching this interview is quite entertaining. They show the video of the two men stopping the crime first and then they show the interview it self. This is an amazing heroic event.



November 13

William Turner

William Turner is an amazing artist (not a pirate)! He mostly paints ships and beautiful skies but the movement he uses is romanticism. Romanticism is emphasizing inspiration, subjectivity, and the primacy of an individual. The lighting and shading of his paintings are incredible. I like William Turners paintings because some of them show a ship sailing peacefully with a sunset sky behind, or maybe a stormy night with boats slowly sinking. It’s the emotion the he incorporates into his art that makes it so intriguing and beautiful. I really enjoy looki8ng through William Turners art because he has a specific theme that holds emotion and a story within one painting.

William Turners full name is Joseph Mallord William Turner. He was baptized on May 14 1775, however his date of  birth is unknown. William believes he was born on April 23 but there is no proof.  He was born in Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, in London, England. His father William Turner was a barber and wig maker. His mother Mary Marshall came from a family of butchers. Joseph had a little sister Mary Anne but she died when she was no older then five. Joseph Mallord William Turner died on December 19th 1851 he was 76.

The art piece of William Turners that I chose to do a reflection on is called Shield, on the River Tyne. I really like this piece of art because they he drew the moon and clouds mixed with the light from the lantern just makes the painting look so peaceful and beautiful. The blending of the color and emotion within the painting is magnificent! Here is the wonderful painting Shield, on the River Tyne.

Shields, on the River Tyne

May 22

Highlights of the School Year

This school year was very fun. We got to go to sport activities, we learned a bunch of new things in our classes and best of all I was secretary in Students Council! I cant wait to tell you all about my awesome school year.

I love sports! However I enjoy Basketball and Soccer the most. This year we went to a Basketball tournament. It was really fun, we got to play against a bunch of teams and meet new people. I enjoyed it a lot! The only thing that could have made is if there was more passing. It was hard to play because I never got the ball. Another  fun sport was the Cross Country. I am not a very good long distance runner. However I still try every year because its good practice and then I can be there to cheer on my friends. Last year one of my best friends got first place she was so happy. The last sport is Track and field. Track and field isn’t happening till June 3thrd but we have been practicing non-stop. I really enjoy Track and Field because there is such a wide verity.

The next thing I want to tell you about is my classes. I am in grade 6 so my work has gotten quite a bit harder compared to my old grade 5 work. I think the hardest change was probably in math. I understand and like math a lot but the jump from grade 5 to grade 6 made everything confusing and a little stressful. Now that its later in the year math is very simple for me and I am very happy about it. The next big change was Language Arts. In Language Arts I was expected to have less spelling mistakes, better grammar and punctuation. My spelling is terrible so that was a challenge but in the in end it all worked out. the last class I want to talk about is Science. I love science especially Science Fair. Right now in science we are making videos about extreme environments I think its fun.

The last topic is Student Council. Students Council plans parties holiday events and we have meetings at lunch. The parties are a lot of fun. I bring music, every student bring a treat to share and we sometimes dance. We have done dancing challenges when you stick dance for as long as you can its really fun. The holidays are really fun for students council, for example on Halloween we have costume contests and make a Haunted House. Its really awesome. the lunch time meeting are cool because we eat our lunches while planning the next activities.

This year was amazing and I hope that the next year will consist of even more sports, new classes and Students Council. I cant wait for 2016!

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April 28

Persuasive Essay

Should Athletes have to be on the Honor Roll to Play in Games?

Sometimes when you’re a sport player the stress of winning can be almost unbearable but then you add on the stress of having to be on the honor roll is just unfair! My reasons for thinking that athletes don’t need to be on the honor roll first of all is that you are already stressed from practicing and your probably tired then add on the pressure of keeping your grades up is ridiculous! Secondly everyone learns differently maybe you have a learning disability or the way you are taught things maybe they dint stick in your brain. Now, last but not least college scouts come to watch you play and if they think you could do well at their college they might give you an offer, but how are you supposed to impress them if you aren’t able to play because you aren’t on the honor roll?

Stress is the number one cause of depression. Depression takes a huge toll on athletes because when playing a sport you need to focus on what you’re doing so you don’t get hurt, but if you are depressed you may not pay attention or even show up to your game not only are you letting your team down you are also not making yourself feel any better. Depression is a very serious disease; it could lead to suicidal thoughts, and addictions to drugs and alcohol. That is just one of many things that stress can lead to, it could also cause anorexia, obesity, low self-esteem, and self -harm. I don’t think any child should suffer from any of these things. Do you?

Another reason why athletes should not have to be on the honor roll is that everyone learns differently. Some tests are designed for the “average” student, but how is that supposed to work if everyone learns differently? If you think about it you may be able to read something once and remember it forever, when I may I have to reread it several times to remember it. If you think about it, how am I supposed to take the same test as you when you are able to do these things without trouble when I may never be able to master them? Then just to put the cherry on top I have to be on honor roll to play my sport. That’s just not fair, for all you know I may have a learning disability.

My final reason is that college is a very important part of someone’s life, but if you want to go to college to play a sport but can’t play in your game that college scouts are watching how are you supposed to do so. I would be devastated if that happened to me. I mean it would be terrible, I don’t think anyone should have that happen to them. I know if you are going to a college and playing sports they are expecting you to keep your grades up and not fail all your classes but having to be on the honor roll is ridiculous!

Now that you have read my reasons why athletes should not have to be on honor roll to play in sports I hope that you feel the same way. I mean who wouldn’t? Now that you know that is could cause stress, everyone learns differently and colleges may offer to let that person play for a job I hope that this policy can change very soon.

March 13

Science Fair

The Science Fair is usually fun. But this year it was very difficult. I had to do my project and deal with a broken arm! It was annoying plus we didn’t get to choose to participate we had to do it as a part of are science grade and it put a lot of pressure!

Anyway the Science Fair was still fun. Even though I didn’t get a ribbon I still felt like I did the best job I can do and really hope for the best next year. In my project I tested what types of soap would last the longest in a chemical reaction. I found out what I thought was wrong. I believed  that it was the food coloring and soap that made the reaction, but it turned out to be the soap and milk.

A lot of my friends got ribbons and I have to admit that a first I was jealous but now it doesn’t matter I realized it was very childish. I really hope they do good in the Regional Science Fair.

October 17

Matisse Art

My class was working on a art picture inspired by an artist called Henry Matisse. He is are is not very detailed and uses very bright colors. Here is my drawing of his style.


I hope you liked my drawing, thanks for checking out my blog bye!

June 17

Track And Field

On June 12th, my class  did track and field. It was plenty of fun! Almost my whole class went except the people who were sick, and few primary kids who qualified for events.

I made it in Triple jump, High jump, and 4oom running. the events you could do were Triple Jump, High Jump, Long Jump, Ball Throw, Discus, Shot Putt, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m. It was lots of fun!

Even though I didn’t get a ribbon I still got to meet plenty of friends and see some pretty impressive athletes. Like while I was waiting in line to do triple jump right next to the line was long jump and some teenage girls doing long jump and they were incredible! They would run as fast as they could and when they jumped it was like they were just soaring through the air I was amazed.

I even saw an old friend that used to go to this school it was Thomas and Amy!   I also saw I few friends I met on the ski hill it was interesting, because she asked me why she doesn’t see me on the ski hills any more but its not here fault she didn’t know that I hit a tree well we still had fun talking about the time I took her down the Face for the first time (the Face is a steep ski hill).

I think my favorite part was watching my friends do their events. That is why I love Track and Field.

January 12

Vacation To Hawaii Part 1

Hello world, this is Kennedy here and I’m going to be telling you what I have done so far in Hawaii.

When we got off the plane there was a girl waiting to take us to our Condo.  Her name is Sandy, she was very nice and polite.  After Sandy dropped us of  at the Condo we looked around the place, left our suitcases in the living room then we went to look around Waikiki.


So far we have done:

We saw Humpback whales on Yokohama  Beach, they are coming into the warmer waters to have their babies,

We were playing in curlers, (curlers are huge waves that start to curl and have very strong undertow) we had to be very careful.

We hiked Diamond Head, it is the crater of a volcano that is 760 feet high.

We went swimming with dolphins and guess what the dolphin we got touch was in the movie 50 First Dates!

I learned how to Skim Board,  Skim Boarding is when you a Boogie Board or something like that and when the waves come in on the mud flats you toss your board on the water then you run and hop on it, but remember that there has to be some water between the ground and the board.

And that is what I have done so far in Hawaii I will tell you on my next post Vacation to Hawaii Part 2




June 26

My Last Eagle of The Year, Sarah’s Summer Story

Sarah’s Summer Story

The last day of school just ended. Sarah could not wait to get home and take her dog, Biters, to the cooling lake. As Sarah ran home her silky blond hair flittered straight back behind her. When she was just about home, she saw her best friend Dylan with his best friend Richard. They both had dark brown hair and eyes, while her eyes were light blue.

“Hey, Dylan, Richard do you want to come to the lake with me and Biters?” she asked.
“Okay, I love to play fetch with Biters,” said Dylan.
“Um, okay, but don’t let Biters bite me. Last time that gave me an infection,” replied Richard.

When they were at Sarah’s house they grabbed Biters favorite ball and leash and started towards the lake. Finally, they were at the lake. The moment Biters was unhooked from his leash he ran straight into the lake. His long dirty blond hair flying back with his slobbery tongue. Dylan threw the ball into the lake as Biters watched and ran after it.

Sarah laid down in the soft sand, when she spotted Aires walking over to her. “What do you want Aires?” she asked in an angry tone. She and Aires had been enemies since pre-school.
“I thought your dog was not allowed here anymore because he bit me,” Aires said with a rude tone.
“It was only until I trained him. Now he is trained and he can come all he wants, bye-bye,” replied Sarah and walked over to a more, sunny and Aires free place, to sun tan. Then Aires hopped into the lake and started to swim out really far into the lake. Meanwhile, Dylan threw the ball really far out into the lake, but Biters still ran after it.

It had been one hour and Biters had still not returned. Sarah walked over and said, “Where’s Biters? I think I’m going to run him home and rinse him off or my mom will freak,” said Sarah.
“Uh, I sort of threw the ball really far out an hour ago and he hasn’t come back,” he said in a scared voice.
“I’ve had that dog since I was five and now I am 11!” shouted Sarah.
“I’m sorry, I bet he’ll be back soon. Don’t worry, let’s just wait a little longer,” he answered. So they waited and waited and waited and waited, until it had been 2 hours and it was getting dark. “Now my dog is gone. Thank you,” she said in a sad, but rude tone as she started towards home.

Meanwhile, Aires had seen Biters and thought he might keep him for a while.

The next day Sarah put up posters saying:
My dog is lost I need to find him. If you see him please tell me.

Dylan went straight to Aires with one of the posters that Sarah had made. When he knocked on the door Aires mother Mrs.McArence answered. “Have you seen this dog Mam?” he asked
“Why yes he was loose at the lake. Aires brought him home to keep. Is he your dog?” she replied.
“No, but Aires knows that he is my best friend Sarah’s dog. They don’t get along well, but Sarah is missing him so much and Aires made it seem like I lost him,” he said.
“Oh, I will talk with him and here is the dog,” she said.
“Thank you and bye,” said Dylan taking the dog as he started sprinting towards Sarah’s house.
Sarah was in the yard reading her favorite book Chester.
“Sarah I found him. He was at Air’s house!” he yelled from outside the gate.
Sarah got up opened that gate and said,“Thank you sooo much!” as she hugged him and bent down to hug Biters.

They ran and rinsed Biters off, then sat in the yard talking and playing with Biters, giving him treats, and having their own snack.
“I am so glad Biters is back,” Sarah said.
“Me too,” Dylan replied.

The End